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A range of vessels with contemporary architectural solutions


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Austin Parker has built our reputation on solid classical roots that have produced yachts defined by critics as "timeless".
During the years of the global economic crisis, which began in 2008, we did not stop and continued to invest in new models without ever neglecting the utmost attention in the pursuit of product quality that we are known for. Our mission has always been that of solid business growth, without compromising the brand integrity, which we will accomplish through a strategy of design innovations of new yacht projects. This will help us reach our medium and long-term goals successfully and expand our brand internationally.
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The range comprises three walk-around models, Ibiza 44, Ibiza 52 and Ibiza 85, with wide, convenient side walkways that allow full, safe use of the entire deck space and three motoryacht models Mahòn 46, Mahòn 54 and Mahòn 64, spacious and very comfortable. All Austin Parker Yachts boats are designed and built with the highest quality standards to enhance the comfort and pleasure of living the sea.