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A range of vessels with contemporary architectural solutions


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Over the years, sound classical roots have nourished a line of yachts described by critics as “timeless”.
Today, after establishing our brand on the international markets, between 2008 and 2018, we are ready for new challenges, proposing a new company, named Austin Parker International, under the management of Sebastiano Gravagno (Gianni), a range of vessels with more contemporary architectural solutions, with slanting sterns, low over the water, that give an even sleeker profile to the familiar Austin Parker hull with its high, solid bows.
Together with the centrally located superstructure, all this creates a modern, individual look, reinterpreting the tasteful, balanced lines for which this brand...
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The range comprises three walk-around models, Ibiza 44′, Ibiza 52’ and Ibiza 85′, with wide, convenient side walkways that allow full, safe use of the entire deck space; two motoryacht models Mahòn 46′ and Mahòn 54′; larger in size, the flying bridge line which include the model Palma 62′ meets the needs of those seeking a vessel more challenging… and for more demanding, the project of AL 86 FLY.