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Austin Parker has always had a strong presence in the yachting field, which was accomplished by designing and building exceptional nautical masterpieces that combine beautiful lines with comfort and performance. Our uniqueness is a result of solid classical roots that have produced yachts best defined as "timeless". During the years of the global economic crisis, which began in 2008, we continued to invest in new models without neglecting the maximum attention in product quality we are renown for. The objective is, and has always been, that of solid growth which is accomplished by successfully searching for solutions and new yacht projects to satisfy the demands of an international clientele, with a medium and long term vision. In order to reach our objectives, in 2019 Sebastiano Giovanni Gravagno (Gianni), who was always in the position of leadership since the beginning, put together a new administration to bring Austin Parker (from then on Austin Parker Yachts) into a new phase of development, with a far-sighted vision that included new models and product lines designed for the challenges of the coming years. To reach this goal he has always been able to count on a close group of collaborators, with whom he has shared this objective. The effects of the pandemic had created problems, but immediately afterwards there was a strong recovery in the market as many people discovered the pleasure of going on a boat and feeling free: the market benefited from this “rebound” and Austin Parker Yachts was able to offer to customers what they wanted: to return to living in the open air, by the sea. A new range of boats is thus born and developed with current design solutions: receding stern lines and low on the water, which gives even more momentum to the typical Austin Parker hull which is characterized by a high and full bow. All this, together with the centrality of the superstructure, offers a more modern and personal design that reinterprets the balanced and subdued lines that have always characterized the brand, under the direction of Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design.


The range is currently composed of three lines: the walk-around Ibiza models: Ibiza 44, Ibiza 44 Outboard, Ibiza 52 and Ibiza 85, which are characterized by wide and comfortable lateral walks that allow comfortable use of the entire deck space. There are four models of the Mahon motor yacht line: Mahòn 46, Mahòn 54, Mahòn 64, Mahòn 80; all characterized by great comfort suitable for cruising and full enjoyment of life onboard. The Palma flybridge line consists of the models Palma 56, Palma 66 and Palma 76 (in development). This Palma FB line responds to all the needs of those looking for a yacht for more challenging cruises where the wheelhouse on the flybridge and the increased space available enhance comfort and the yachting experience and pleasure.
In 2023 Austin Parker Yachts was acquired by Mr. Baris Nalcaci, a Turkish entrepreneur active in many industrial sectors, in particular in the production of composite products for the aeronautical sector; Mr. Nalcaci was enthusiastic about taking on this new challenge and is looking forward to making an impact on future growth of the shipyard and introducing new models.
Sebastiano Giovanni Gravagno (Gianni), CEO of Austin Parker Yachts, remains at the helm of the shipyard, and thanks to the financial and strategic contribution of the new ownership and the internationalization of the brand, he is preparing to make important steps to ensure superior quality. The most important news toward future growth is the line of motor catamarans, born from the strategic collaboration between Pininfarina and Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design: the line includes models Cat 56, Cat 86 and Cat 106. The Cat 56, already in production , will be presented in the summer of 2024. To complete our future growth plans, a 30 meter Navetta is currently in the development stage.